Sunday, February 25, 2007

mmm drinks

ok after work i love my drink and on the weekend i guess i love it more :)

here is a great site if you wanna have a party and impressive your friends that you know how to make a drink....and a fancy one at that!

Pillow Fight

How cool would it be to do this in jakarta... A pillow fight.

This was done in SF on Valentines day...a bunch of people in SF got together and just had a pillow fight. I heard the response was awesome and people loved it
lets do one in Indo....
or maybe a durian fight...mmm smelly i think!
to read more heres the link

the line!

Why is there a line? someone explain it to me....
I have heard of such things as:
Through the line
More than a line
Beyond the line
my take on it is
The moment we create a line, we create a boundary...we limit ourselves..
take a piece of paper...not matter what size or where you draw a have suddenly created a have split the paper....
By doing so we limit ourselves and make it harder for a holistic approach to advertsing...
sure for marketing 101 or sentimental reasons have a line, but other wise when we approach the brief lets not start with a line...actually lets not have a line at all
its not about ATL, BTL its about 360!
this is where planning should come in... I truly belive a planner should be

Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday, February 5, 2007

Floods in j-town

These are photos of the flooding near my house, we were not affected that badly so that is good. But my thoughts go out to all those who were affected by the floods... hope everyone is ok
(the pool was not brown before !?)


I recently saw this ad in an in- flight magazine. Let me write the copy first as it may be hard to read:

Natural Views, Lots of "Ooooh's"!

Another unique Indonesian Travel Experience

Wherever you go throughout the Indonesian archipelago you will be greeted by a myriad of different experiences from nature and from modern shopping and entertainment complexes, making each holiday unique and unforgettable.

Now I love Indonesia, I have lived here for 18 years now (was brought up here) left and came back to work. So I am very disappointed at the ads they are making to attract travelers from around the world. What i would like is that everyone gives their opinion on how to improve it or what angle they should take (it is easier to criticize than make). So all planners out there or anyone else write your comments and let’s hope some one listens and Indonesia will be promoted the way it should be...

(Another thing is that why do they have so many website addresses and bad English copy!)
Anyway enough of my ranting and raving lets here from you guys....

Thursday, February 1, 2007